Feeling good about “Home Coming” — long over due

Feeling good about "Home Coming" — long over due
Although Last yeay I went back to Taiwan for two weeks, it was a rather short one and different situation, this time I’ll gonna stay about 5 weeks.
The time span between my first and second(last Oct.) home coming was fifteen year, fifteen years is a long period of time, so many things happened in fifteen years : I have settled down in Canada, all my children are grow up, I got a very lovely grandson, I was busy like a Bee, I worked hard lik a horse now I am entering the Second Half of my life.
I am so excited about the coming "Home Coming", I want to catch up all I missed, I want to meet the good old day’s friends, I want to visiting my relatives, I want to enjoy all the good foods, snacks and so forth, too many to mention.
Formosa, watch out, here I am coming  Ha Ha Ha ……  
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5 Responses to Feeling good about “Home Coming” — long over due

  1. Christina says:

    Have a GreAt tiMe in Taiwan!!!

  2. Irving says:

    Thank you, Christina Zhang Ge (張紀) just guessing.I am really looking forward to this trip.

  3. Christina says:

    hei!張戈is my Chinese name.那是一種很重的兵器在新疆。我明年夏天也要囘北京和新疆了!!好期待!!

  4. ANGELA says:

    I didn\’t realise that we didn\’t see each other for almost 20 years. Looking forward to meeting you this time …….

  5. Chee Kiang says:

    Hi Irving, it\’s really so nice to communicate with old friends again. Somehow I always remember you connected with Monte Carlo. Hope you have a nice and fruitful holiday in Taiwan. Maybe we can meet next time you go to taiwan again.

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