Visiting Jack Liao’s family

On Nov, 19, we went to see Jack
For the first time, after Jack’s family landed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
seven years ago, we go visiting his beautiful house, it is big and nice.
according to Jack, this house was designed and custom built by a German.
As you can see from the pictures, what a lovely family.
They all love to live here in Canada, Jack is so lucky, even has his Mon
age 86 to live with the family here.
Jack is always very aggressive in business, he tried many different things, after coming to Canada, but the following is most successful :
Selling merchandises through the shopping channel in the USA TV.
Attached photo is just one of the hot items, which is the mobile utility table,
sold at 10’s of thousands, besides this, he also selling silicon made baking wares,
stainless steel household products.
For most Dummy you know TABO right ? Jack is the company’s president in Sweden now, he is travelling to Sweden on Nov, 23 for company board of directors meeting. Have a nice trip Jack.
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