Surprises to most of friends, including myself

Surprises to most of friends, including myself
It’s all started by a phone call this time last year from Hipo, who is in Taiwan, my buddy. "Do you have a computer with a camara and microphone ?" said Hipo, "Hang up, let’s do Msn messenger over the computer." ,I was lucky enough, my daughter Teressa came from Taiwan staying with us to give her fist baby’s birth, she was helping me, teaching me to use Msn messenger. I was a computer-handicapped at that point of time, I even didn’t know what is Msn.
All by myself after my daughter went back toTaiwan with the baby in March this year, look at me now, December 2005, I have 3 Msn spaces and 1 Blog with Taiwanese. Ever since I setted up my second space with Msn, I have helped friends with Skype to have their own spaces built, total 6.
I am happy with my achevement, I knew I am not there yet, look out there so many great sites, I have to do more, but most important is I tried my best to pick up little by little, enjoy doing all the things, God ,I really love it.
At the age of 58, I did some mission impossible in less than 1 year, did I ?
Merry X’mas and Happy New Year to all readers.
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4 Responses to Surprises to most of friends, including myself

  1. Teressa says:

    58 already wow, good thing you\’re a grandpa now ha!

  2. ANGELA says:

    I am one of your student on MSN Space and one of your pride too. Am I ? Appreciated that you tought me all you know and visited my blog frequently. You are one of my most loyal reader too.

  3. JOYCE says:


  4. Chee Kiang says:

    Irving ……..well done……….keep it up!Foo

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