Are these arts?

 From : Angela & Sherman 


Are these arts?

Who designed these?
A friend sent me this interesting photo which showed a very different design of a shopping bag. Is this man holding a gun and walking on the street? It looks very scaring if you didn’t watch or examine it closer.
For more, you can check out this blog:
In fact, I found something else designed with a similar concept, but with more fun. It is not about a Japanese girl wearing an underwear and shopping in town, but a skirt painted with her underwear. This type of skirt is getting popular in Japan and soon will be available in Taiwan. Is this a modern art or what? Will you let your wife or girl dressed like this? It beats me totally. No doubt, most men would prefer to see this on street, instead of top one.  
Claimer: In case of anyone claims that he owns these photos and I have infringed someone’s intellectual property rights by posting these pictures herein my blog, I shall remove it right after I received a notice from you. 
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