Moon River Breakfast at Tiffany?s

Moon River
Moon River, wider than a mile:
I’m crossin’ you in style someday.
Oh dreammaker, you heartbreaker,
Wherever you’re goin’, I’m goin’your way.
Two drifters, off to see the world.
There’s such a lot of world to see.
We’re after the same rainbow’s end,
Waitin’ round the bend,
My huckleberry friend,
Moon River and me.




「月河」(Moon River) 是由亨利曼西尼 (Henry Mancini) 及 強尼曼塞 (Johnny Mercer) 為一九六一年的電影「第凡內早餐」(Breakfast at Tiffany’s)所共同譜寫的音樂。
雖然「月河」後來成為一首相當著名的電影歌曲, 它的背後卻有一段小故事。當初這部電影在經過首次審核時,電影公司裡的某位主要人物曾經決定要將「月河」這首歌拿掉。 當時正好在場的赫本極力反對, 她說:「除非我死了。」(Over my dead body.)
後來這個曲子不但獲得當年奧斯卡金像獎的「最佳歌曲」(Best Song) 及 「最佳原著音樂」(Best Original Score)二項重要獎項, 也成為赫本最令人懷念的演出之一。


The film Breakfast at Tiffany?s was released by Paramount Pictures in 1961. Capote had originally picked Marilyn Monroe to play the role of Holly Golightly but Paramount instead chose the waifish Audrey Hepburn to play the part.



"I was nothing like her, but I felt I could ‘act’ Holly. I knew the part would be a challenge, but I wanted it anyway. I always wonder if I risked enough on that one. I should have been a little more outrageous. But at the time, as a new mother, I was about as wild as I could be. If only I were a Method player, huh? But the fact is, I didn’t really believe in The Method. I believed in good casting. And I’m still not sure about Holly and me…"

-Audrey Hepburn




I personally feel that Audrey Hepburn was the better choice, simply because her physical appearance already resembled the thin chicness of Holly and her accent was perfect for the part. I think that perhaps Capote underrated her talent as an actress. Marilyn Monroe?s real-life personality may have been more suited to the role than Hepburn?s but she played the part perfectly.

Clarke, Gerald.

As a whole, the film translates some of the material from the book elegantly and word for word some scenes are perfect. Like any film that is made from a book, the two should be judged by themselves as separate entities. On its own Breakfast at Tiffany?s is a wonderful film that has stood the the test of time and remains a classic.

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  2. Irving says:

    謝謝妳 小樹
    目前妳要少用腦筋 多做耗體能的戶外活動
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