Tzu Chi Montreal fundraising 2006

Tzu Chi Montreal


For four consecutive years, the Tzu Chi Montreal office has been holding an annual fundraising event by selling a traditional Chinese delicacy called zong-zi, a pyramid-shaped mass of glutinous rice wrapped in leaves. Between May 2 and 14 this year, they sold 5,600 zong-zis.

The purpose of the fundraising this year was to buy medical equipment for the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Almost 30 volunteers took time off from their jobs and devoted themselves to the whole process, from buying the rice to the final stage of steaming the zong-zi. The first stage was from May 2 to 7, when they bought the needed ingredients; in the second stage, May 8-10, they mixed the rice and other ingredients and wrapped them in leaves. The third stage, selling the finished products, was carried out in Xian Kong Temple in Montreal on May 14, which coincided with Showering the Buddha Day.

Master Ming Tong, abbot of Xian Kong Temple, has known about Tzu Chi and Master Cheng Yen for a long time. Thanks to his support, Tzu Chi volunteers were allowed to use the spacious kitchen in the temple to prepare the delicacy. The abbot also informed Tzu Chi that his disciples would buy 2,000 zong-zis to support the fundraising.

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