Practicing Buddha’s teachings with reverence and realizing the “great compassion to strangers and great mercy for all,” members of Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation resolve to help the poor and educate the rich.


We follow Great Master Yin Shun’s instructions, “Be constantly committed to Buddhism and all living beings.” With love, compassion, joy and unselfish giving, we strive for the realization of a pure, undefiled land of Tzu Chi through charity for the needy, giving of joy and elimination of suffering. We rely on wisdom of reason and feasibility of execution. Above all, we invite all people with goodwill to cultivate a field of blessings and bring about a society of love.


We incorporate the missions of charity, medicine, education and culture in one master plan, with disciplines of sincerity, integrity, trust and honesty. We believe in the equality of all beings, and that everyone has a latent Buddha nature. Once entering the door of charity; the rich can obtain blessing and joy by giving unselfishly, and the poor can be saved by receiving the kind offer.


Seize the day; because time is fleeting and life is impermanent, its span lessens day by day. Plant good cause, so that we can reap good effect.  As we often say, “Do not come out of the treasure mountain empty-handed,” we should make the most of our human lives.


We commissioners support one another with love and wisdom, and walk hand in hand on the Path of the Bodhisattvas.


“Taking the Buddha’s compassion as our own compassion,” we strive to function as one—for “one eye sees as one thousand eyes.” “Taking Master Cheng Yen’s commitment as our own,” we accomplish as one—for “one hand works as one thousand hands.” We will come to help whenever someone calls—acting just like Kuan Yin, the Great Compassion Bodhisattva of one thousand eyes and one thousand hands.


“The moon reflects upon one thousand rivers,

While one thousand rivers receive yet one single moon.”


Like the benevolent moonlight, Buddha watches kindly over all beings, like the rain of Dharma on earth regenerating mountains and fields. But we must physically participate in all charity work and good deeds with the right faith and right mindset. In so doing may we all comprehend the true essence of birth, aging, illness and death; and the significance of formation, continuation, destruction and void. Let us plan and work together to realize the missions of Tzu Chi and leave a worthy memory for the generations to come.


“To know what you did in your former lives, look at what you are now; to predict what you will be in the next life, see what you do now.”


Indeed we are most blessed to be born in human form. We must cultivate wisdom and blessings vigorously, and resolutely. We should fill our society with love and try to be a faithful Buddhist with right faith and right mindfulness.


Thus I encourage you all.


Shih Cheng Yen

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